Town of KDH, Ocean Rescue advise against digging deep holes on the beach

The KDH Ocean Rescue Supervisor stands in a massive hole that was dug and left unattended on the beach. [Town of Kill Devil Hills photo]

The Town of Kill Devil Hills recently held a press conference with area ocean rescue supervisors sharing information with the media on the dangers of digging large holes and leaving them on the beaches. The Town also provided the following dangers and factoids that deeply-dug holes can pose:

  • Did you know that national statistics comparing sand hole collapses to shark attacks confirms that you are far more likely to experience a sand hole collapse than a shark attack?
  • No one goes to the beach thinking that they will leave with a broken ankle or worse. Unattended holes can cause numerous injuries to other beach-goers.
  • Holes make it challenging for first responders to quickly get to an emergency on the beach. They can also cause damage to their vehicles.
  • Who doesn’t love cute little sea turtles?! Holes on the beach can trap hatchlings and/or their mother and cause fatal results.

Digging holes in the sand can be a serious hazard. If you want to dig a hole on the beach, ONLY dig shallow holes and ALWAYS fill them in once you’re finished. Help keep everyone on our beaches safe.

If you see something unsafe, report it to the nearest lifeguard or call the County’s non-emergency line at 252-473-3444. For any emergencies, immediately call 911.